Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

It’s been a long time coming (and even longer in the works it seems like) but Geekdumb is finally returning to the webcomic ring!  Like any comeback the road will be long and steep but with the support of you, our intrepid fans, a little luck, and plenty of raw eggs I’m sure we’ll make it.  Or at least we’ll make a few people chuckle.  Now if only we had something like this to really get us ready.

There’s going to be a few changes but all for the good.  Tyler has started experimenting with a hand drawn version of the comic that we will be going with in the future.  He’s also talked me into learning how to color it for him.  I was leery at first, but when he said this would cut the time he needs to make comics in half I grabbed my Crayolas and was ready to go.  Apparently my crayons (coupled with my inability to stay inside the lines) aren’t going to cut it though so I’m going to be learning to use that photo shops the kids are all talking about.

So stay tuned friends.  We’ve got the website set, the story arc is completely written, and we’ve got a good set of comics canned and ready to go.  A little more patience, access to a can opener, and we’ll soon be back.


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