It’s been a busy couple of weeks here and only looking to get busier. Let’s talk about the fun stuff though. Two weeks ago marked a momentous occasion. Not only was it my first trip to Chicago Comic-Con but, much more importantly, it was the first time I got to meet Tyler, and his lovely lady, in person.

I had invited him a few months ago to come up and stay with me so they could come to the con. I have a tendency to get distracted and/or forget about things when…

Since we hadn’t talked about it for a while I promptly forgot the whole thing. Then Tyler sent me a message asking if I was still willing to have them. I said, of course, and quickly began cleaning my place. This took longer than normal because I had some special preparations to make. You know, in case they were serial killers.

It seemed like we were a little nervous at first but before too long we all relaxed and started having fun. Laura even pretended to laugh, or at least that she wasn’t offended, by my jokes. After their first trip to a Chicago style fast food place for a beef sandwich and combination, we headed into the city. I screwed up the tour a little bit since I didn’t realize the Art Institute closed at five and that was the main thing Tyler wanted to do. They took it in stride though and said we’d get there sooner next time. Maybe we’ll even have enough time to do it right.

Food and booze may have been the order of the first day, but day two was about geeking out at the Chicago ComicCon. It was my first time at that particular con but it was their first con all together. I can remember going to my first con years ago and being totally overwhelmed. I spent most of the time just following a friend around so it was cool for me to pay that back and show them around. For a first con, and only having one day, we covered a ton of ground. We hit the whole hall, artist alley, and even went to a presentation about creating webcomics. I’m not sure what I can apply that to in my life, but maybe something will come up. Lastly, they waited in line to get an autograph from Jon Bernthal, aka Shane, from The Walking Dead. I kept coming and going checking on how far along the line they were. Thankfully, I made it back just in time to do this:

Wizard World

All in all, I’d say it was a fun and successful con and trip as a whole.


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