When Tyler and I met last year for the first time we both had a little bit of a surprise. I was surprised by how much weight he had lost. He was surprised by how much weight I had lost and that I hadn’t cleaned all of the blood off the ceiling from my previous guest. I know there’s no excuse for a dirty dungeon when you’re expecting a new vict..guest. Yes, a vict guest.

Back to the weight loss though. It was a funny, mirrored moment the way we both did a double take because we obviously expected something a little different. In addition to sense of humor and love of webcomics it seems we shared a desire to get into better shape and a certain laziness about updating profile pictures on Facebook.

After losing a lot of weight, thanks in large part to the advice/eating plan of my friend Alec. I had kind of fallen off the wagon . I was able to keep the weight I had lost off but wasn’t really losing any more. While I was happy with the progress I had made, I really wanted to go even further. So, I joined a Windy City Crossfit and further is definitely the name of the game when it comes to crossfit.

For those of you who live under a rock and haven’t heard about it check This out. It’s a little bit intense the way Shatner’s acting is a little bit stilted. I had two big worries about doing this. First, was I even in good enough shape to start doing something like this? Second, what were the people going to be like?

My first concern proved not to be a problem. The trainers who teach the classes are more than happy to work with people and provide alternate exercises if you can’t quite do this. I’m usually the slowest kid in class lifting the lightest weight but I’m making progress. Which brings me to worry number two, the people.

I’ve joined other gyms in the past and had plenty of experience with meatheads/asshole jocks in the past. When I joined a gym that actually does fitness competitions, this is what I was expecting. There are definitely people there that look like they could squat one of those machines but they’re actually pretty friendly. It goes beyond that really. Most of them are very encouraging.

As I said before, I’m generally the lowest and the slowest in the class. There are times when we get paired up with someone else to share a bar for a certain exercise complex. When this happens I’m generally lifting significantly less than whoever I’m with. Despite this, I’ve never gotten any snide comments, rolled eyes, or exasperated sighs about changing the weights each time. They’ve definitely pushed me a little to help me progress but it’s been encouraging not derogatory.

Speaking of encouraging, most of the workouts revolve around how quickly you can finish the circuit. This is one of the reasons I like crossfit. It’s fast. You get there, do the warm up, do the workout of the day, and you’re done. Since you’re trying to finish as quickly as possible, the people that are in better shape finish sooner than those of us who aren’t yet paragons of fitness. As I said before, when you’re done with the workout that’s it. You’re done.

The thing that absolutely blew me away the first time it happened (and it happens regularly) is that most of these people didn’t just leave when they finished. They waited for the rest of us to finish. Some of them even clapped, cheered us on, or shouted encouragement. Then after the class was over a few actually came over, gave me a high five, and said, “good workout.”

I’m not sure I can accurately describe how much that meant. It was a far cry from the guy snickering as he asked if you were done with the bench or having a couple colossi looming over you like you’re just wasting their time. It’s amazing what a difference something like that can make. So, to everyone at Windy City who has helped, encouraged, and made me feel welcome I just want to say, “Thank You.” Instead of just joining a gym, I actually belong to one now.


What to say, what to say…

I’ve written and rewritten so many of these, “We’re back!” posts and “This time we’re serious!” that I don’t even know what to write for this one. So, I thought I’d keep it short and sweet. I have no problem talking (or writing) all day. I could fill volumes with empty promises and platitudes. This time though, I’ll let the work speak for itself.

New comics will be posted on Mondays and Fridays.

Have a great Memorial Day and thank you to all who have and are currently serving our country.



It’s been a busy couple of weeks here and only looking to get busier. Let’s talk about the fun stuff though. Two weeks ago marked a momentous occasion. Not only was it my first trip to Chicago Comic-Con but, much more importantly, it was the first time I got to meet Tyler, and his lovely lady, in person.

I had invited him a few months ago to come up and stay with me so they could come to the con. I have a tendency to get distracted and/or forget about things when…

Since we hadn’t talked about it for a while I promptly forgot the whole thing. Then Tyler sent me a message asking if I was still willing to have them. I said, of course, and quickly began cleaning my place. This took longer than normal because I had some special preparations to make. You know, in case they were serial killers.

It seemed like we were a little nervous at first but before too long we all relaxed and started having fun. Laura even pretended to laugh, or at least that she wasn’t offended, by my jokes. After their first trip to a Chicago style fast food place for a beef sandwich and combination, we headed into the city. I screwed up the tour a little bit since I didn’t realize the Art Institute closed at five and that was the main thing Tyler wanted to do. They took it in stride though and said we’d get there sooner next time. Maybe we’ll even have enough time to do it right.

Food and booze may have been the order of the first day, but day two was about geeking out at the Chicago ComicCon. It was my first time at that particular con but it was their first con all together. I can remember going to my first con years ago and being totally overwhelmed. I spent most of the time just following a friend around so it was cool for me to pay that back and show them around. For a first con, and only having one day, we covered a ton of ground. We hit the whole hall, artist alley, and even went to a presentation about creating webcomics. I’m not sure what I can apply that to in my life, but maybe something will come up. Lastly, they waited in line to get an autograph from Jon Bernthal, aka Shane, from The Walking Dead. I kept coming and going checking on how far along the line they were. Thankfully, I made it back just in time to do this:

Wizard World

All in all, I’d say it was a fun and successful con and trip as a whole.



So, I’ve been working at this coloring thing for a little bit now and I have to say I like contributing to the comic in a much more visceral way. My work goes slowly but I think I’m getting the hang of it. Maybe some day I’ll even be able to do some of the cool stuff with shadows and textures like Tyler does. Until then, I’d just like to go on record as saying that when I’m solely responsible for the coloring it is always high noon and/or the characters are all under florescent lights that are directly above them. This is a necessary part of the story and how dare you question the physics of my world!

I did experience some momentary delusions of grandeur during the coloring process that I had not anticipated. While I was working on one of the scanned drawings, I started to think, “Hey, this is art. I’m making art! This isn’t so hard. Why did I think I couldn’t do this?!? I’m friggin’ amazing!” Just before I was about to quit my job to devote myself full-time to my art, but not before a little maniacal laughter, it hit me.




I wasn’t making art. I was coloring Tyler’s art. After using a bucket to fill most of the stuff in I zoomed waaaaaaayyyyyy in and was clicking pixel after pixel to get rid of little white spots. If I tried drawing something it would end up like this. I was the much less skilled Banky to Tyler’s Holden. It was a truly soul shattering moment. I didn’t know who I was anymore. Matt, the artist, was no more. I didn’t have time to go through an emo phase, dye my hair, or get anything pierced. Even more importantly, I never got my chance to be the shy kid who won the head cheerleader over with my drawings proving that I wasn’t just some creepy guy so then she poses nude for me!

I’m not going to lie to you. It was tough pulling myself back from the brink. My entire life as I had known for the last several minutes was crushed under the savage boot of reality. I gathered up the tiny pieces of confetti that was my short lived dream…and went back to coloring.

By the way, if you do a YouTube search for “crushing boot” you come up with a surprising amount of videos of women crushing things wearing boots. Good to know I guess…if you’re looking for that sort of thing.


Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

It’s been a long time coming (and even longer in the works it seems like) but Geekdumb is finally returning to the webcomic ring!  Like any comeback the road will be long and steep but with the support of you, our intrepid fans, a little luck, and plenty of raw eggs I’m sure we’ll make it.  Or at least we’ll make a few people chuckle.  Now if only we had something like this to really get us ready.

There’s going to be a few changes but all for the good.  Tyler has started experimenting with a hand drawn version of the comic that we will be going with in the future.  He’s also talked me into learning how to color it for him.  I was leery at first, but when he said this would cut the time he needs to make comics in half I grabbed my Crayolas and was ready to go.  Apparently my crayons (coupled with my inability to stay inside the lines) aren’t going to cut it though so I’m going to be learning to use that photo shops the kids are all talking about.

So stay tuned friends.  We’ve got the website set, the story arc is completely written, and we’ve got a good set of comics canned and ready to go.  A little more patience, access to a can opener, and we’ll soon be back.